Full support for systems, contents and public relations.

Exhibition MEDICAL JAPAN TOKYO 2020 Booth No. 8-15
URL Country Japan
Quick Check Program for violations of the Medical Advertising Guidelines
We are exhibiting a program that allows you to immediately check the website for expressions that violate the medical advertising guidelines. Just enter the URL of the site you want to check, so feel free to drop in.
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Public relations for clinics and medical services
We will make animations and movies that are easy to understand to publicize even difficult-to-understand medical services. The expression is refined, but it provides a presentation that is easy to catch and remember.
Creation of explanation contents for patients
We make easy-to-understand explanation contents for patients by making full use of illustrations, videos, and animations. We have many achievements centered on medical expenses not covered by insurance such as infertility treatment, cosmetic dermatology, dental treatment.
Online system construction for medical services
We design an easy-to-use system in consideration of IT literacy of medical staff and patients. Providing systems for clinics with a track record of more than 10 years.
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